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Craig Thomas, OD


Craig Thomas, O.D. is from Houston, Texas.  He graduated with honors from Dallas’ Skyline High School in 1977 and earned his Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Houston.  In 1983, Dr. Thomas graduated from the University of Houston College of Optometry.

Dr. Thomas has practiced continuously in Dallas, Texas for the past 28 years.  A noted consultant, lecturer and author, Dr. Thomas frequently travels the country to educate other optometrists on the latest trends, techniques and technologies in the profession of optometry.

His professional accomplishments include being a member of the American Optometric Association for 32 Cumulative Years and being named Optometrist of the Year by the Texas Optometric Association in 2001.

Dr. Thomas has been married to Pamela for 28 years and they have two sons, Kirk and Clark.  An active outdoorsman and former Boy Scout Leader, Dr. Thomas has always enjoyed camping and outdoor activities.  Current personal activities include weightlifting, skydiving, climbing and rappelling, and scuba diving.